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    1. Training and integration of new employees

      Training and integration of new employees

    1. Promising career growth

      Promising career growth

    1. Become like-minded partners

      Become like-minded partners

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    1. R&D team

      R&D team
    1. Sales team

      Sales team
    1. Functional team

      Functional team
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      Market team
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      Production team
R&D team

The company's R & D and management team is mainly composed of a number of strong scientific research ability, engaged in the development of Internet technology and medical devices industry elites and doctoral students in the United States, the members have a strong product research and development ability, rich experience in manufacturing and industrialization promotion, is an elite team with hard work and innovation spirit and good at industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. 

Our R & D team is committed to providing customers with the best solutions to meet customer needs and expectations. We believe that through our efforts and innovation, we can create more value and opportunities for our customers.

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Comprehensive welfare system, humanized management system

    1. Employee care

      Employee care

    1. Employee welfare

      Employee welfare

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