Enterprise profile

VAPO Healthcare Co. Ltd.

VAPO Healthcare Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to innovating medical nebulization technology.

VAPO Healthcare Co. Ltd.  focuses on the development and integration of new nebulization technology, and have rich experience in the development of aerodynamic diameter of particles, effective deposition of drug particles on the lungs and other technologies. The core performance of the product has a significant leading advantage in the international market, and it is one of the pioneers of innovative nebulization devices in China.

Our main products include: mesh nebulizers, nasal aspirators, nasal irrigators, intelligent nebulization eye masks, dry powder inhaler, intelligent hospital nebulization chamber and other professional medical products. We have a complete ISO13485 Quality management system, and our products have obtained CE, FDA, Japan's Health and Welfare, Brazil's INMETRO, Ukraine's UA TR and CFDA and other market medical device certifications.

The core team of VAPO Healthcare Co. Ltd. is composed of experts specializing in the field of drugs and medical devices and doctors studying in the United States. It is a team with innovative consciousness and practice ability. The founder team of our company was awarded "Gusu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent", "Kunshan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent", "Jiangsu Province Innovation and Innovation Doctor", and our company was also awarded "Suzhou Mesh Nebulizer Engineering Technology Research and Development Center", "Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise" and other titles.

Since the establishment of our company, the company has been taking technological innovation as the core driving force, and has obtained deep venture capital, CICC and other well-known capital injection. The company has independent intellectual property rights, has applied for 59 patents, authorized 13 invention patents, 27 utility models, etc., and has obtained the intellectual property rights standard system.

VAPO is looking forward to continuously improving the quality of life of patients with innovative products and services.

Our factory

Modern factory that meets the requirements of the ISO13485 system

With one hundred thousand level and ten thousand level GMP processing workshop

It has testing equipment required by pharmacopoeias such as NGI and HLPC.

Has microbial limit testing/sterility testing/positive control room

Enterprise culture

Enterprise vision

Become the world leader in medical nebulizing industry

Enterprise mission

For employees: committed to creating a proud career platform

For customers: committed to meeting customer needs and exceeding customer expectations 

For the society: committed to taking more social responsibilities

Core values 

Craftsman spirit, win-win thinking, striver-oriented

Quality policy 

Stand with excellence,win with quality.

Business Scope

Our business covers the whole world

Our products sells well in 50 + countries and regions

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Patent certification

Multinational security certification

Supported by several patents

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Enterprise honor

Several honors and qualifications

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